We’d Like to Make a Request… Air: A Collection of Radio-Inspired Stories Seeking Submissions

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[Note: This post first appeared on Hippocampus Magazine’s website; we’re sharing it here as well.]

Hippocampus Magazine and Books is requesting true stories inspired by the heyday of radio* for its forthcoming anthology, Air. (To learn more about our small press division, read the announcement, here.)

We’re looking for behind-the-scene stories about small town radio stations. We’re seeking personal stories about die-hard radio fans. We want to hear from (current/former) jocks, from program directors, from engineers, from the sales team, from ancillary characters like record reps and concert promoters—tales from every corner of the radio station and from everyone radio ever reached.

We want Air to be filled with a variety of eras, settings, themes, and voices—we want funny, we want heartfelt, we want adventurous—we’ll consider stories of all kinds, but stories must be true and contributors must be willing to use their real names (identifying details/names of other characters can be changed).

We’re looking for stories with compelling characters and a strong sense of place, stories with action and a clear narrative arc — but please don’t be discouraged from submitting if you’ve never written an essay before. We’ll help your story shine should it be selected for publication.

We are NOT looking for academic essays about the history or impact of radio.

Air, a celebration of decades of broadcast radio, is slated for an early 2018 release.

More details:

  • Deadline: February 15, 2017 April 15 – extended.
  • Word count limit: 6,500 words
  • Compensation: $50 + 2 contributor copies upon publication; special pricing on additional copies


* When we say heyday of radio, we’re mostly referring to the pre-digital age. We’d love stories leading up to the early 2000s… before voice-tracking became a thing.

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