Cover Reveal: By the Forces of Gravity by Rebecca Fish Ewan

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We’re so incredibly excited to reveal the cover for By The Forces of Gravity: A Memoir by Rebecca Fish Ewan. We know you’re likely to scroll past an intro paragraph, so we’ll just cut to the chase. Here it is:

cover image big moon in sky, starry night, two young girls (drawn in cartoon format) sitting on grass looking at moon. swirly design in grass. by the forces of gravity of memoir written under moon with author's name in grass, rebecca fish ewan

Now on to more details. Our approach to cover design at Books by Hippocampus is customized, personal. We first talk with our authors not just about what they envision for a cover, but how they want someone to feel when they see the book on a shelf. We get deep, personal, philosophical. We ask questions. Only then do we begin to seek out a design partner who truly fits the project. For this project, we could think of none other than Lindsay Smuck. She. Nailed. It.

We’re so pleased to share this gorgeous cover with you today, exactly six months from its release date. From the big, bold moon to the shimmering stars in the sky, this design is whimsical, colorful, and captures the essence of the book.

As you’ll see, this cover design also seamlessly includes illustrations from Rebecca. It was so important to have a representation of the artwork you’d find inside the book. (That’s young Rebecca looking lovingly at her bestie, Luna!)

But wait, there’s more

The cover design here goes beyond the front of the book; it’s a wrapped design. A full scene. Note that the back cover is not finalized, but in this exciting cover reveal we wanted to give you, dear reader, a glimpse at how it all works together, here’s a sneak peek at the whole shebang:

By the Forces of Gravity will hit shelves June 19, and pre-orders will begin in the early spring. Stay tuned for more details. (You may sign up for updates on Rebecca’s book at this page here, or at the form in the footer of our website.)

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